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Kuja is a Genome, one of three born with a soul, created by an android named Garland. The purpose behind his existence was to be sent to Gaia to encourage war and destruction—he was a harbinger of chaos and an angel of death, and such has always been his nature.

It was Garland's intent to use Kuja to speed up the assimilation of Gaia with Terra. When the Gaians perished, their souls would occupy the soulless vessels of the other Genomes...but there was a flaw in his plans, or rather, a flaw in the design of Kuja. In the absence of a childhood, having been denied the development of human emotions, Kuja developed a strong will instead, becoming remorseless and void of conscience. He was a perfect tool for inciting war, and even without being able to harness Trance, the world's ultimate power, he was still impossible for Garland to control.

To offset Kuja's unpredictability, Garland created another Genome who would be different from Kuja: thus, Zidane was born. Zidane, unlike Kuja, was created as a child. He would grow and develop the ability for the understanding of complex emotions needed to enter Trance, thereby making him superior to Kuja.

Naturally, Kuja felt threatened by the existence of his "brother" and kidnapped him, taking him to and abandoning him on Gaia. While a third angel of death was being perfected, Garland had no choice but to continue using Kuja. After Mikoto's completion, however, Kuja was banished from returning to Terra. Ever defiant, Kuja made his home on Gaia, in a place known as the Desert Palace.

In spite of his rebellion, Kuja continues to incite war across Gaia. His actions led to the corruption of Queen Brahne of Alexandria, the fall of Burmecia, the destruction of Cleyra, the occupation of Lindblum, and more. He is responsible for terminating the lives of countless, and throughout the course of the story he demonstrates no regret; none, that is, until the very end.

After finding out his own lifespan is limited, and after killing Garland, Kuja loses sight of what his life is worth. He believes the world should not exist without him, but after he is defeated, he uses the last of his strength to transport Zidane and party to safety. It is only when Zidane returns to the Iifa tree for him that a glimpse of Kuja's developing regret can be seen, although it will never be known for certain whether or not he could have been redeemed; both Zidane and Kuja are attacked by the Iifa tree's vines, and everything fades to black...

Kuja arrived in Anatole on May 27th of 2013, disturbed by what could very well have been his final moments back on Gaia. Determined to treat this new life as his and not like borrowed time, however, he set to work immediately at winning the favor of certain other residents and acquiring temporary "cover" work at the local Clinic.

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